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The ESCUALENO is a natural organic compound originally obtained for commercial purposes from deep-sea shark liver oil, hence its name comes from ESCUALO.

Our organism also contains ESCUALENO in a natural way, and it is scientifically assumed that this is an essential substance from the beginning of our life. It is precisely the high concentration of squalene in newborns that is responsible for the smoothness of your skin and the development of your immune system. After about 25 years, in our body begins to decrease the squalene content, which leads to the appearance of negative effects by age, cell aging by the forceful practice of some sport, physical effort, etc.

An extra contribution of ESCUALENO can palliate this loss and protect us against various important diseases.

Investigations carried out by several Swedish scientists, mainly by professors Bo Hallgren and Boeruyd, showed that the power of the immune system of sharks is attributed mainly to the high concentration of alkylglycerols in their liver oil. These substances are present in small amounts in breast milk, in our bone marrow and in other different parts of our body.

In the chemical aspect, squalene is an acyclic polyunsaturated hydrocarbon. It is a highly unsaturated isoprenoid belonging to the triterpene group. Squalene was discovered in 1906 by the Japanese marine oil chemist, Mitsumaru Tsumimoto. Paul Karrer, Ph.D, (Nobel Prize) was the one who identified its molecular structure in 1935.

Its molecular formula is C30 H50, with 6 unconjugated double bonds and a molecular weight of 410.7. Its structure is similar to vitamin E, but instead of two isoprenoid groups, it contains 6 (isoprenoids are the most powerful natural antioxidants and very present in nature). Its structure is also similar to beta-carotene (vitamin A), which plays a key role in the synthesis of cholesterol.


Although the ESCUALENO is a natural organic compound originally obtained for commercial purposes from deep-sea shark liver oil, there is also a source of plant origin that is more sustainable and respectful of the environment for obtaining this product: olives .

Scientists have tried to find what is in olives that provides so many health benefits and, at the same time, what is in the deep-water shark so that it can live 600 to 1,000 meters deep, without sunlight. How can it survive under such adverse conditions, where the pressure is high and the oxygen supply so low? The answer is: the ESCUALENO.

O2xypro®, a product developed by the O2livotecnia® Institute, contains 100% vegetable ESCUALENO from the olives.

Thanks to the process called O2livotecnia® we get the right synergy between squalene and powerful natural antioxidants (among which are: Hydroxytyrosol, Tyrosol, among others). Getting these to strengthen each other!

For our company, the preservation of the environment is a priority, and it is for this reason that this product of wonderful qualities is of 100% VEGETABLE ORIGIN, helping to protect the marine fauna and in particular the shark, an increasingly protected species .